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Probe Pair Pose For Photo : Mickey and Austin Would only be able to solve a handful of mysteries before the series was cancelled by ABC - but not before a fan following grew for the beloved characters played by Parker Stevenson and Ashley Crow.


Probe TV Series (1988)

It was a show that began as a mid-season replacement. Meant to be a smart-man's Macgyver, the series was created by noted sci-fi writer, Isaac Asimov and TV detective writer Michael Wagner. The series told the tale of eccentric genius, Austin James (played by Parker Stevenson) - a graduate of MIT, Nobel Prize winner - who started his own Fortune 500 company and seemingly is the smartest man in the world!

Austin no longer works for the company he formed and instead, works out of a dark warehouse he lovingly calls his Batcave!

Teamed with his blonde assistant, Mickey Castle (played by Ashley Crow), Austin uses his brain, not his might, to solve crimes. The series began as a movie in March 1988. Austin and Mickey's cases were written ahead of their time, as many were soon like-covered on the TV hit "The X-Files". Had the series been able to stick around a little longer, fandom for that type of genre was just about to unfold.

But, needless to say, the wonderful Probe program folded after only 6 episodes and the TV movie, and after a two-month run (March-April), Probe was finished, except for a summer run of repeats.

But surprisingly enough, the series was still able to find a small cult following, that seems to only keep growing to this day, thanks to the use of internet.

So this site is set up to honor Probe's start in March 1988 and to continue it's fandom support 17 years after the series ended.


Second Probe Site!!!

That's right, Probe fans - we've got another site for you to see!!!

Fans of Probe is a continuation to this site and includes a lot more photos and info on our favorite short lived TV series and is where you can find info on Isaac Asimov.

We just simply ran out of space here, so come check us out at:



Complete Probe TV Series On U-Tube

Just a quick update - now the complete "Probe" TV series, starring Parker Stevenson and Ashley Crow, can now be found on the web site utube.com

On this site, fans can down load clips to post for others to view and share. The series is broken down to parts, but it is still thrilling to see new activiy for this nearly 20-year-old show.

Not only do these shows stand up through the test of time, on U-Tube it will give new viewers a chance to see the show for the first time, since no one is currently playing them on their schedule.

Visit our yahoo group for the links needed to find the site.





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